The other day a disciple said that he saw my aura and that the colour was blue. Blue is the colour of spirituality and blue also represents infinity. Blue represents creativity in its pristine form. What he saw was the blue colour that constantly grows in our human nature as well as in our divine nature. When it grows in our human nature, it tries to expand our limited human nature; and when it grows in our divine nature, it tries to spread and manifest the light and truth that it already has.

Sky-blue happens to be the colour of the Lord Krishna. Once, after I gave a talk on the Bhagavad-Gita at New York University, Lord Krishna was dancing on my forehead, spreading his blue light all around me, and many, many disciples saw this light around me. Although I was talking, at the same time I was also having a conversation with him in the inner world, and I was seeing his blue light and quite a few other significant things.

Blue is also my colour and it represents my inner realisation of the Highest, the Absolute Supreme. An ordinary human being has only one colour to his aura. Some advanced seekers have two colours. But in the case of a spiritual Master, all the colours are in his aura. If somebody sees orange around me, he is not mistaken because that colour is also in my aura. I have all the colours but again, my favourite colour, my most prominent colour, is blue. Blue here is the highest Truth.

Some of you have seen a gold colour in my aura. This represents revelation. When you see this golden colour, at that time it is the power of manifestation that you are seeing on a higher level of consciousness.