Question: Sometimes I don't know if I should choose the spiritual life or the old life.

Sri Chinmoy: Accepting the spiritual life is like choosing a friend. Each moment you are standing between two persons, and it is up to you to go to your friend or to your enemy. You cannot say you don’t know which one is your friend. The moment you accept the spiritual life you will know who is your friend and who is your enemy.

Your friend will say, “All right, if he doesn’t want to stay with me, let me not impose on him. What else can I do?” But your enemy will say, “It is beneath my dignity to let him be. I have to grab him and make him my slave.” Your friend will not grab you; only he will try to add to your strength. But your enemy will take you and use you for his own purpose.

The positive force is always there. You are between perfection and destruction. Now it is up to you to run to the room of perfection and not look to the room of imperfection.