Question: Why does one need a Guru?

Sri Chinmoy: In this world you usually need a teacher to learn something. So how is it that in God-knowledge, which is also a subject, you don’t need a teacher? Even before you went to school to study English, your mother taught you the ABC’s. Your mother was your teacher at that time. If your mother had not taught you the ABC’s you would not have learned them. Spirituality or God-realisation is a subject, and for this subject you need a Master.

When you complete a course you no longer need a teacher. If you want to learn how to sing, you go to a singer to learn from him. If you want to be a dancer, you go to a dancer. Once you become a singer or dancer, you don’t have to go to your teacher. In the spiritual life also, it is the same. You need help in the beginning, and once you also realise God, you don’t need anybody’s help.