Question: If you know someone is meant for another path, how will you tell them?

Sri Chinmoy: I don’t want to create any problems either for the seeker or for me. It is my sincere heart that tells the person, “You have to go to somebody else.” But I will not be able to give the name of the particular Master, for I may be misunderstood. That Master may not accept the person, and then I will be totally lost. So I tell the person, “I am not the right person, but I appreciate your sincerity and aspiration. You have to go to somebody else. Before you get a Master you can meditate at home, and if you want to get inspiration you can read my books. And as soon as you get a Master, then you ask the Master what he wants you to do. Leave everything at his feet and study under his guidance. I may not be your Guru, your spiritual Master, but my writings embody spiritual consciousness, which will be a great help to you before you get your own Master. And then once you get him, you ask him what you should do.”