Question: Which Western spiritual Masters can enter into all seven spheres?

Sri Chinmoy: Unfortunately, I am not in touch with any of the spiritual Masters. I am so ignorant of the names of the Western spiritual Masters. And I do not like to tell the names of the Eastern spiritual Masters, because it is the seeker who has to make the decision and who has to feel the height of the Master for himself. If I say that this Master has the capacity, then you will go to him, but you may not feel it. And if I say that this Master does not have the capacity, and if you have faith in that Master, then I will be your enemy. It is the seeker who has to see and feel the height and the inner light in his Master. If you see this kind of light and if you are convinced, then that is more than enough for you. But if I say that this person has something, and if he does not show that capacity to you or if you do not see it in him, then you will think that I have played the part of a liar. So it is you who have to make this discovery when you see a spiritual Master who can convince you of his capacity and his willingness. Some people have the capacity, but they don’t have the willingness. It is best to have a Master who has not only the capacity but also the willingness to share his inner wealth with the rest of the world.