Question: Do the people who come to you follow your life?

Sri Chinmoy: Nobody is following me. I tell my students that I am not the leader. The leader is God. Nobody is following my path. It is just that I use the terms “I” and “my.” I tell them that God is the Supreme Leader. But God has told me to inspire my students. I am inspiration only. I tell my students that I am just an inspiration and God is the realisation. God is my leader, your leader, everybody’s leader. God is the Father, my Father, your Father. I tell my spiritual disciples that I am their elder brother. My spiritual development is one inch higher than theirs. The younger brother does not know where the Father is. The elder brother knows a little more than the younger brothers, so he tells them, “Look, there Father is seated.” Then the elder brother’s part is over. He is not the Father and he is not sitting on the throne. But just because he is the older brother in the family, he knows a little more than the younger brothers.