Buffalo milk from a Muslim friend

My father had four or five Muslim friends who were his great admirers. One of them came to learn that my father liked buffalo milk. So many times he would bring buffalo milk to our house. This man had many servants, but he had such appreciation and admiration for my father that he used to bring the milk himself. My father also went out of his way to show this Muslim friend tremendous respect and love.

When other Muslims used to come to our house, my family didn't appreciate their coming. Even if they were of a high class, we were very careful. We used to offer them a seat, but as soon as they left, immediately the servant would wash the chair with cow dung to purify it. But when that particular Muslim would come to bring buffalo milk, my father would show him such respect. He never asked the servant to purify the house after the Muslim had left. Then, against my mother's will, my father used to drink the milk from that particular Muslim.