My father's desire

When I am talking to someone on the outer plane, at the same time I am talking to so many people in the inner world. Once after I scolded some of my disciples, both my mother and father came to me from the soul's world. My mother said, "Yes, you are their real father. On the one hand, you show them affection and love, and on the other hand you are quite strict."

My physical father comes to me only rarely, on very significant occasions. My mother comes on every occasion — for every little thing. If I have a toothache or high fever, my mother will come. She has a very free access. No matter what mood I am in, she comes. She comes with good news, bad news, sad news, any news just for a chat. She will come God knows how many times — seventy or a hundred times a year, or even more. But my father comes only on rare occasions — perhaps five or six times a year. At those times he stands before me full of compassion and concern.

One day in October 1973, my father came to speak to me. When my father comes, he appears as I remember him, although the soul can take any form. When he came to me on this occasion, he said that he would not be satisfied with my writing only two hundred books. He wants me to write one thousand books! I said, "Am I doomed to stay on earth such a long time?" He laughed and laughed. He knows quite well how many years I will stay on earth.

Out of one thousand books, he said, perhaps only thirty books need not be spiritual in the strict sense of the term. Can you imagine, only thirty books he excluded! My joke books and a few others fall under that category.

One thousand books: a father's desire, a father's dream! He said I should write one thousand books just because I have the capacity to do it. He didn't tell me outwardly how many years it would take, but intuitively he gave me the message. He is one hundred percent sure that I will be able to do it.

I am ready to take up that challenge. You may think that it is impossible for me to fulfil my father's desire, but you have to know that I have another father, a Supreme Father, my real Father, my only Father. Is anything impossible for that Father to do in and through me? Now, to my utter surprise, I am almost fulfilling my father's desire. I have covered a long way: over 861 books go to my credit.