Shashi Kumar Ghosh

Shashi Kumar Ghosh Shanta nayan bishal hiya Nitya paritosh Taba sata barshiki aj Paramanande saj ar baj Ekadhare tumi guru gambhir Shakti sadhak karuna sheha nir Langhi moru langhi pahar Durbar manush dosh

Shashi Kumar, Shashi Kumar,
Shashi Kumar Ghosh —
Tranquillity-eyes, vastness-heart
Always in satisfaction-light.
Today we celebrate a hundred springs
From the core of your Eternal Life
With stupendous sound-life
And auspicious silence-soul.
In one form you are a power-worshipper
Immensely self-poised in your central being
And a compassion and affection-flooded nest,
Covering the desert-vast
And transcending the mountain-foibles
Of your feeble fellow travellers and compeers
Here on earth

14 April 1982