Signing autographs

After the race, people were all standing in a queue for Zatopek's autograph. Some people came up to me and asked me to autograph a small scrapbook. Some also came and asked me to sign their running numbers.

Everybody liked Abarita's book on Zatopek. It was in German and included conversations with Zatopek during Abarita's stay at Zatopek's home. Before they ran, and afterwards as well, many runners came up to Zatopek and asked him to sign the book. Carla was selling the book, and Zatopek and his wife were sitting together side by side, signing it. When there were people he considered important, he asked his wife also to sign. Otherwise, his signature was enough. Hundreds of people came and stood in line.

When the line began fading, I also came. Before me there were seven or eight people. But Abarita had to ask those people to let me go ahead of them.

When I stood in front of Zatopek with one of Abarita's books, he wrote, "With great admiration for the greatest Guru." Then he signed his name and he drew a picture of a javelin aiming at someone. Like me, he became an artist and illustrated his signature. When I sign, I draw birds. In his case, he drew a javelin.