A visit to Einstein's house

Visiting Einstein's house in Bern was an unforgettable experience. Before Einstein came to the United States, he had lived in these three or four small rooms. There are four floors and one has to walk up. It is a very old building. Einstein's pictures were there and different examples of his research work. Einstein became very soulful and spiritual in the evening of his life.

The greatest living authority on Einstein was there. He has written a book on Einstein. I don't know what the professor saw in me, but he went on talking and talking, literally not allowing me to come down the stairs. He talked all about Einstein's spirituality and this and that.

Finally he said, "Please, you have to write down something," so I had to write something in the guest book. They don't ask for an autograph; they ask for a few lines. It was a big page and while I was writing he was standing beside me and watching. I was so moved.