Giorgio versus UPI

There is a funny story about our photographer-disciple, Giorgio. When the UPI photographer saw Giorgio there, he asked him to leave, saying he had no right to take pictures. Previously, Giorgio had asked me if I wanted pictures taken during the Pope's speech, and I had said yes. God knows where the UPI man was then, but Giorgio took three or four pictures of the Pope from over my shoulder.

When it was time for the private interviews, the UPI photographer came and told him to leave. Giorgio looked at me and I just smiled at him. So he gave a similar smile to the UPI photographer. The UPI man got mad and made complaints to one of the Cardinals. The Cardinal asked Giorgio to leave immediately, but he was not listening. He kept looking at me and I kept smiling at him. At least four times they insulted him, all in Italian. Still he didn't listen. He took four black and white pictures and four colour slides. Eight or nine pictures he took, and UPI took, I think, three.