The meditation in Italy

In Italy I was supposed to give a talk. It was in a small hall in a very big building. For the first time, perhaps, I went to give a talk in a track suit, but the audience didn't mind. There were about seventy or eighty people.

Indians, as usual, dominated the question and answer period. Three Indians did not allow anyone else to ask any questions. One question was about pressure in the third eye. Another question was about reincarnation. They went on and on.

Before that, a tall young man came up to me and introduced himself as one of the secretaries of the Italian Ambassador to the United Nations. He said he had come to our meditations at the U.N. five or six times and had enjoyed them very much. He couldn't believe that I came to such a small gathering to hold meditation and give a talk. He was very, very nice. Also he came to the meeting later.

The lady who organised the meeting had wanted to come to New York to see me and become my disciple. But instead of coming to New York, she went to Miami and met another Master and became his disciple. She was asking me, "Did I do the right thing? Did I find the real Guru?" So I said, "You did absolutely the right thing. You found the real Guru." She was so happy that she had found the real Guru and the real path.