The rainy race

I was supposed to join in the 100-metre dash. Just before the race, it started raining. Many others didn't run because of the rain, but I wanted to show off. During my 20 years of competing in India, I never used starting blocks. I lost my balance at the start and I was last. God wanted me to have this experience.

Once upon a time I was first — for 16 years. But here, there was at least a 50-metre gap between the first runner and me. The audience was enjoying the fact that there was such a gap between us.

On the board it was mentioned, "Sri Chinmoy, Puerto Rico." The Puerto Rican disciples were so delighted. I had said that I was not going to run the 400-metre dash, but they didn't listen. My name still appeared on the board: "Sri Chinmoy, Puerto Rico."