First class

I gave the man at the check point my boarding pass. God knows what he did with it. He said to me, "You will get a refund of $69." Then he said, "I just put you a few seats ahead."

I had bought a ticket for the coach section. But when I entered the plane and showed the stewardess my pass, she took me to the first seat of the first class section. So I got a $69 refund plus first class accommodations.

In ten or fifteen minutes' time, the same man entered into the plane. There was some bad news: all the breakfasts were rotten, so they had to take them out of the plane. I thanked him for what he had done. He said to me, "It is my honour, my pleasure. At least I can do this much for you. I am so honoured."

So, if you can really bring down peace, at least one person may get peace. And because he got peace, he put me in the first class section and gave me a cheque for $69.