The great man

The funniest thing happened when it was time for the awards ceremony for the women's discus. For each event the organisers of the games had arranged for a "great man" to give out the prizes. They were looking for the great man who was supposed to give the prizes for the discus, but he was missing. Then it was discovered that this great man was none other than Abarita himself.

They called Abarita over the loud-speaker and begged him to give the prizes. Abarita dropped from Heaven! How could he go to the centre of the stadium and give the prizes? He knows nothing about the discus and he does not consider himself a great man. But those people were saying, "You are great."

In the ceremony there was a line of three or four girls, and the official had to put a medal around each girl's neck. The winners were all three and four times as large as Abarita; they were like Tejiyan and Bhima. They were absolutely from another world. Abarita became nervous, but since he had become the great man, he had to go and give out the prizes.