The lost running companion

Another day I was running about seven miles. At one point I was about to make a right turn, but something within told me to make a left turn. Alo was there looking for me!

Another day I was running and she was following me. I would go ahead two hundred metres and then come back, go ahead and come back. Once, after running two hundred metres and coming back, she was not there. I said, "Where can she be?" But she was not to be found.

What happened was that she had gone across the street to look at a clothing store. I didn't see her standing across the street, so I kept going up and down the block — three or four times.

When I came back home, she was there, worrying about what had happened to me. She had gone out two times to look for me. But she did not find me because she just went in front of the building, and I was somewhere else.