The ignorant shopkeeper

I went to a particular store and bought something. Then I sent Savyasachi to get something else from that store. It was mentioned that the item was twenty-five percent off. Savyasachi said, "Twenty-five percent off, your sign says."

The owner of the store said, "Oh, I didn't know that." He asked his assistant, "Is it twenty-five percent off?"

His assistant also said, "I don't know."

The owner did not know and his assistant did not know. Did I go there and write "Twenty-five percent off"?

Then I went to another store, just to browse. I got the same item, but it was of far better quality and the price was also far better. I asked Savyasachi to return the item to the first store. He is an American, so he was a little embarrassed because first we had asked for the twenty-five percent discount, and then we wanted to return the thing. But they gave all our money back, and then we bought one dollar's worth from their store.