Pizza for breakfast

Before I left on the Canadian trip, I had taken a solemn oath not to take solid food during the whole tour, depending only on water, ERG, juice and, of course, my best friend and enemy — nuts. I really did keep my promise.

In Montreal, early in the morning, Savyasachi, Alo and I went to the Montreal Mall for breakfast. As usual, I asked for a cup of tea and Savyasachi ordered his breakfast. Alo said she didn't want anything. Then I pointed out a pizza parlour about five or six metres away, asking, "Do you want to have pizza?" She said, "Yes, yes," and went to get some.

The pie in the tray had meat on it — sausage or whatever. So she asked one of the men if they could give her vegetarian pizza. They said, "Yes, we can give it to you, but come back in five minutes." After five minutes when she went back, to her surprise she saw that one of the workers had just removed two slices from that same pie and then taken off the meat. When they gave the pieces to her, Alo said, "You people are not honest. Definitely you have taken these pieces from the sausage pie and have just removed the meat."

One of the workers answered, "There is no meat inside it. I told you there would be no meat."

Then Alo said, "You people are dishonest."

They said, "You are also not honest."

Alo said, "Can you not look into my eyes and my soul?"

One of them answered, "Can you not look into my soul and into my eyes? I am honest. You are dishonest. You talk too much."

Then Alo said, "You people do not have the Canadian good nature. Of the three of you, only one has a little sincerity," and she pointed to one of the workers.

Then the other two started cutting jokes with the one who, according to Alo, was a little sincere. Savyasachi and I could overhear the whole conversation, and we were deeply amused.