The hotel rogues

At another hotel in Rio, the Luxor Regente, Alo stayed in room 509 and I was in 408. After two days, Alo left for Puerto Rico. I had given them a deposit of sixty dollars for our rooms, although they didn't want it at the time. Alo left at nine-thirty at night and they called me, asking me to come down to settle the account. I said, "I have given a deposit and I am still here. I will settle it tomorrow."

An hour later, somebody else called, asking me to come down to settle the account. I got mad and insulted them. I said, "I am here. My things are here. I have given a deposit."

In two or three days, when I went to check out, again I had problems with them. At some hotels if you stay for half a day, they charge you only half. But these people were such rogues. Checkout time for half a day was six o'clock. If it is a little past six, even five minutes, you pay the full amount for a whole day. At a quarter to six, I came down to check out. Then they took twenty-one minutes to check my room. They sent a bell boy or someone to see what I had taken from the soda and juice stocked in the refrigerator. They were delaying and delaying, just so they could charge me for a full day.