Part II — Salutations to Mexico

The blue birds

In Mexico City we went to a store where there were unbelievable birds. Had I been a millionaire, I would have bought them all, but instead I bought five. One bird I got was so beautiful. I couldn't have imagined that such a beautiful bird existed! It is called a golden pheasant. I have been to so many places and seen many, many beautiful birds. But all the birds we got that day were exceptionally beautiful, and I had never seen any of them before.

When I was about to pay for the birds, there were six persons standing near the cash register. One of the two blue birds flew out of the cage, but nobody noticed, including me. Then a young boy standing nearby grabbed the bird. It was only after he brought the bird back to us that we looked into the cage and saw that one bird was missing. After that we saw that the boy's thumb was bleeding. We thanked him, but the boy didn't speak English.

If he had not been kind enough to catch the bird, we would have had only one of the blue birds and not two.