A soulful promise19

Dear brothers and sisters, while walking along Eternity's Road, I shall love and serve you. Just because you have given me the opportunity to love and serve you, I shall constantly and eternally offer you my life of concern here on earth and my soul of oneness in Heaven.

We are all of the One, our Beloved Supreme. We came into the world to fulfil one soulful promise which we made to Him before we entered into this world arena. This promise was to please Him in His own Way through our aspiration-heart and dedication-life. We shall without fail fulfil our solemn promise, for we know that our Inner Pilot, our fate-maker, will never allow us to remain unfulfilled.

As we said, Him to please in His own Way we came into the world. Even so, our Beloved Supreme is always ready to please the real in us, the soul, which is inseparably one with Him. The soul is a blue bird which flies in the firmament of Consciousness, Light and Bliss, eternally singing only one song — the song of our Beloved Supreme's constant Victory here on earth and there in Heaven.

SM 23. 14 April 1978.