The face of truth5

A seeker wishes to see the face of truth in spirituality, in religion, in love, in brotherhood, in every field of reality, in every branch of the reality-tree. But unfortunately, the face of truth is not to be found there. The face of truth is found only in longing, in the longing for truth. Not only the face of truth, but the very heart of truth, is to be found only in the longing itself. What is truth? Truth is the longing, the birthless and deathless longing which we have and which we are. This is the only truth nothing more, nothing less.

Some seekers are of the opinion that truth is not to be found here on earth, that truth belongs to the hoary past, that it is a memory of the past which we are carrying and dragging. But this is not true. Truth was there before, truth is here now and truth will also be present in the future.

The truth of the past is the truth-beauty in God’s cosmic Vision. The truth of the present is the truth-duty in God’s cosmic Realisation. The truth of the future is the truth-infallibility in God’s cosmic Manifestation.

Here on earth, a seeker notices three kinds of truth: peripheral truth, median truth and core truth. Peripheral truth says that there is no love. “Love is the essence of life, but there is no love on earth.”

Median truth says love and be loved. “I have mankind. Therefore it is obligatory on the part of all human beings to love me.”

Core truth, the truth of the inmost reality, says, “I love God the Creator, for He is none other than Love. I love God the Creation because it is nothing other than love.”

Truth needs a possessor, a revealer and a fulfiller. The truth-possessor is he who is at least a few centuries in advance of his time. The truth-revealer is he who stands in front of humanity, facing humanity. He enters into humanity’s countless needs and transforms humanity’s needs into deeds. The truth-fulfiller is he who lives only for humanity, for humanity’s sake. Unless and until each human being becomes a perfect instrument of the Absolute Supreme, the task of the truth-fulfiller is not complete.

A seeker of the highest, ultimate Truth, a seeker who has established his constant oneness with the Absolute, can at once be a truth-possessor, truth-revealer and truth-fulfiller on the strength of his oneness with the perennial Source, his oneness with the Transcendental Light, the ever-transcending Transcendental Light.

Here we are all seekers, seekers of the United Nations, for the United Nations. The United Nations itself is both the seeker and the truth. When we look at the body-reality of the United Nations, we see that the United Nations plays the role of the seeker. But when we look at the soul-reality of the United Nations, then we see that the United Nations is nothing short of Truth and Light and Delight.

The seeker in the United Nations is becoming and growing into the truth-reality, and the truth-reality is constantly unveiling its hidden treasures — its immortalising, all-illumining and all-fulfilling treasures. These treasures are concern, sympathy, union, oneness, justice-light, perfection and, finally, satisfaction in all that the United Nations does and all that the United Nations is going to do. The United Nations is growing into the perfection-tree that will offer its branches of concern, sympathy and oneness to humanity.

When we seek, we long for a reality. When we long for a reality which is other than our true self, this reality will always remain a far cry. If we live in the body-reality and, from the body-reality, if we want to reach the soul-reality, then we shall never succeed. But if we can dare to say and feel there is only one reality — the soul-reality — which is founded upon our oneness-reality, our universal oneness-reality, our transcendental oneness-reality, then only can we safely say that inside our longing itself is the birthless and the deathless Truth. Then we can say that our longing itself is the everlasting Truth, the immortal Truth, the eternally transcending Truth, the infinitely fulfilling Truth.

SM 6. 24 September 1976