Question: Can we understand you with the mind?

Sri Chinmoy: If you remain in the mind, you will not understand me at all. Here we are all children, children of the Supreme. So we should try to only remain in the heart and, if possible, become the heart itself. Today we have proved to a great extent the necessity of becoming children. The divine in me, the divine in you, is an eternal child. An eternal child is he who gives and who takes. God is the Supreme Child within us. He eternally gives to us. We also try to give to Him. We give Him our aspiration-cry and He gives us His Perfection-Light.

So let us try to bring this supreme philosophy down to the material plane. Today we are observing a special occasion, a special moment in our life of aspiration and dedication. If you can remain in the heart today, then you will understand me properly on the strength of your inseparable oneness with my heart.