Question: How do we make the mind more alive and more soulful when everything seems out of touch and dull?

Sri Chinmoy: When everything is dull, when you are absolutely in the world of nowhere, you do not care for liberation, perfection, realisation or anything. At that time what actually happens is that you do not aim at any goal. When you work there should be always a goal. This goal should not be that in five minutes you will finish, but that you will do well, that your work will be perfect and flawless.

You have a spiritual goal, but that doesn't mean you should try to reach your goal by hook or by crook or by using foul means. God is in front of you, within you and around you; but you are unconscious of it. When you become conscious you will see that the distance between your eyes and your nose is infinitely further than the distance between you and God. Just because you are unconscious now, He is distant. So always try to remember your goal.