Part IV — General questions on mind and intellect

Question: Must one use the mind to manifest inner creativity?

Sri Chinmoy: No. The thing is that it depends on the seeker, the instrument. If the instrument wants to manifest his mental capacity, he will do it. Again, if the instrument does not want to use the mind at all, if he wants to use the heart or if he wants to manifest in a psychic way, then he can do it without using the mind at all. In most, or in practically all of my writings, talks, paintings and poems, I don't use the mind. I use the heart and the soul. Again, if I want to use the mind while painting or while writing poems, who can prevent it?

Inspiration exists. It is just a question of bringing something from another world. Now, if I want to manifest that world here, I can use the mind, but the best thing is to use the heart. If I manifest on the strength of the heart, only then will it be appreciated. Otherwise, if I use the mind, it will be appreciated and admired for four months, five months or six months, and then people will find many things wrong with it. But if I use the heart, then there can be nothing wrong with it. Even if it is not perfect perfection on the outside, inside everything is perfect. So if you want you can use the mind to manifest inner creativity. Otherwise, you can do it without the mind.