Question: How hard should I study?

Sri Chinmoy: If you care about your studies, you must try to get very good grades. If you get good marks that itself is a manifestation. When you secure good marks it will help you in the future expansion of our mission. You will be able to hold a better job and so forth. But if I have asked you to pay only a little attention to your studies and to devote yourself to manifestation, then it is a different matter.

You have left Puerto Rico and are in Florida in order to study. This is the time for you to study wholeheartedly. In your case, I advise you to do your studies first and inside your studies you must have a burning aspiration. You must convince yourself that you are studying not for the sake of study but for a higher purpose so that you will be able to serve us better. Do not spend all of your time praying and meditating or mixing with your brother and sister disciples to receive peace, light and bliss. That would be a mistake. Don't give up going to the Centre, but do not be involved with doing selfless service. The very purpose of study must not be neglected — first things first. Your studies, which are a form of aspiration, must be given first importance.