Question: How can we transcend the intellect?

Sri Chinmoy: We can transcend the intellect only when we really care for something infinitely higher than the intellect, and that thing is intuition. If our love for one thing surpasses our love for something else, then only can we transcend the second thing. If our love for intuition, which is the direct entrance into truth, is greater than our love for the intellect, then naturally we can transcend the intellect. It is like a ladder. Take the first rung as the intellect and the second as intuition. If we are satisfied with the first rung, there is no necessity to climb up higher. But if we are not satisfied with the first rung, then we will definitely try to go to the second or third rung. It depends on which rung we care for most. We have to know which one we really love. If we care for intellect, then we have to stand on the first rung of the ladder. If it is intuition, then we will go one step higher.