Question: How can I go beyond the restless thoughts of my mind?

Sri Chinmoy: Think of the sea. On the surface of the sea there are waves and it can be very rough, but if you go to the bottom of the sea it is all calm and quiet. On the surface it is all restlessness, but underneath it is all calm and quiet. Think of the mind as a sea. On the surface it is full of thoughts which are like waves, constantly moving. But if you dive deeper you see that there are no waves, there are no thoughts. The earthbound mind is full of thoughts and restlessness on the surface, but in the depths of the mind there are no thoughts, it is all calm and quiet. So it is there that you have to go. When you are in that mind, the vacant, tranquil, calm mind, you can accomplish very many things at one time, because that mind is not the human mind; it is the divine mind. Everything has come from the divine, including the mind, the body and the vital, but when these entities have been divinised, they will be infinitely better than they were before they were divinised. The human mind has not yet been divinised, but the divine mind, the illumined mind and the supermind have been divinised, so naturally they are superior.

As a human being I may have something, for example, a ballpoint pen, and God may have the same thing. Although we call it by the same name, the one that God has will be infinitely superior to the one that I have, because He has infinitely more capacity than I have. The mind that we are now using, the human mind, is full of doubt, suspicion and outer education. But deep within us God is using another mind, which is divinised, illumined and immortal. Vastness and infinity are inside that mind, whereas in the mind that we call our own we cannot even hold more than one thought. The divine mind has the whole universe inside it and by going deep within we can see what the divine mind is doing.

God is controlling the divine mind within us. God has pleased the divine mind, and the divine mind is pleasing God. We are trying to please the human mind, but we are unable to please the human mind and the human mind cannot please us. The thought world cannot please us with thoughts because it is only feeding the human mind. We are constantly seeing the weaknesses of our human mind and the human mind is also constantly seeing our weaknesses. But the divine mind, which has come directly from God, has no weakness at all, because God is operating all the time in that mind.