God's Will and my will

When God's Will is my will, I have not to give up anything, for He is with everything and in everything. When I act contrary to God's Will, I injure my body, torture my life and encage my soul-bird. When I am in perfect slavery to venomous doubts, my will becomes empty of God's Will. When I am absolutely obedient to the Truth's inevitability, I grow into God's adamantine Will. When I live the life of faith, God's Will transforms my earthly dreams into Heavenly visions. When I live the life of proud self-assertion, God's Will forgets me, earth hates me and Heaven disowns me.

I encircle the Supreme in the arms of my utter helplessness. He encircles me in the arms of His all-sheltering Protection. I squander His Blessings and Compassion. He grows His Hope in me and feeds His Promise to me.

My will is the opening of my aspiring heart to the Supreme. I meditate, not because I want Him to know that I meditate on Him, but because I want to enable myself to receive Him in infinite measure. During my meditation, when I swim in the sea of love and devotion, He comes down to me. During my meditation, when the sun of wisdom and peace dawns within me, He lifts me up to Him.

I silently pray. He secretly hears. My heart's mounting flame rises up and touches the Throne of His Compassion.

The Supreme never demands my belief in Him before He has given me evidence, infinitely more than necessary, upon which I can found my implicit faith. If I want to doubt Him, He has given me abundant opportunity to do so. Verily, here lies the magnanimity of His Compassion-Light for me.

My will and God's Will. When my will is approved by God's Will, my pure heart does not have an abiding inner bliss. But when my heart unreservedly and soulfully obeys God's Will and I accept it as my own will, infinite joy grows within my heart and eternal joy flows through my heart.

Sri Chinmoy, Songs of the Soul, Herder and Herder, 1971