Emotion is a gift of God. It fills our days with loving thoughts and glowing deeds. Owing to our confused thinking, we misuse emotion. Emotion is the dynamic fulness of completion.

Emotion tells us that the ever-increasing life-energy is constantly flowing through us, renewing and revitalising our inner being. Emotion not only sweetens and intensifies our life, it also awakens our outer life to experience perfection in every field of manifestation.

In emotion there is a creative urge. This urge is eternal. The creative urge finally has to enter into the God-ideal which is Immortality embodied and Perfection revealed.

Emotion has an inner perception of the divine Unity. The knowledge of the intellect secretly loves emotion. The understanding of the mind silently loves emotion. The wisdom of the heart openly and soulfully loves emotion.

We must endeavour to uncover within ourselves the deepest depth of emotion so that we can become the widest channels for the divine expression of Beauty, Joy, Power and Truth.

Emotion is not the confusion of experience. It is the reality that grows in perfection.

When inspiration and aspiration are supported by our psychic emotion, we come into conscious contact with the Supreme. The perfect Reality then prevails in and through our outer existence.

Emotion is not the victim of frustration. Emotion is no demonstration. It is the inner spontaneous joy through which we express ourselves in the world we live in.

The psychic emotion is the fountain of abundance. And with this fountain we enter into the world of revealing thought, fulfilling action and transforming realisation.

Sri Chinmoy, Songs of the Soul, Herder and Herder, 1971