Man and God

Man forgets. God forgives. Man forgets God's Truth. God forgives man's ignorance.

Man soars. God grows. Man soars in God. God grows in man.

Man loves love. Because he does not have it. God loves love. Because He is all Love.

Man aspires. God inspires. Man aspires. Lo, God descends. God inspires. Lo, man ascends.

Man cries. God's compassion flies to touch man's heart. God cries. Man supplies the message: "It is too early. Wait, you have to wait."

Man is always late in praying and accepting. God is never late in listening and granting. To converse with God, man has his throbbing prayer. God has His illumining Bliss to converse with man. To commune with God, man has his silent meditation. God has His urgent Peace to commune with man.

Absolute freedom is not a human achievement. It is a blessing of God. Darkest bondage is not a divine achievement. It is an offering of man.

Man wants to know himself and free himself. God wants to reveal Himself and manifest Himself. Man wants to discover Heaven in the highest plane of consciousness. God wants to uncover Heaven here on earth and nowhere else.

God gives to man what He has and what He is — Love, Joy, Peace, Bliss and Power. Man gives to God what he has not and what he is not — promise! Human promise! Human promise to God for God!

Sri Chinmoy, Songs of the Soul, Herder and Herder, 1971