Scene 9

(Jesus, Mary and Joseph at home in Nazareth.)

JESUS: Mummy, Mummy, what is that in the sky?

MARY: That is the moon.

JESUS: The moon! It is so beautiful!

MARY: You are much more beautiful, my child.

JESUS: No, I am not. Mummy, I want to go to the moon and bring it down.

JOSEPH: You don’t have to go to the moon. The moon will come to you.

JESUS: What for?

JOSEPH: To play with you.

JESUS: With me! How nice! (To Joseph.) You know, Daddy, in my dreams I see some most beautiful people. They come and play with me. They love me dearly.

MARY: Do you know who they are?

JESUS: No Mummy, but they like me a lot. They are my best friends.

MARY: They are called angels.

JESUS: Angels, angels! But Mummy, I don’t see them during the day. Where do they hide during the day?

MARY: During the day they hide in the skies.

JESUS: Ah, I shall fly to the skies and catch them.

MARY: You don’t have to fly and catch them. They themselves will come to you. One of them has told me and your father that you are the beloved son of God.

JESUS: What does he mean by that?

MARY: He means that our Lord who is in Heaven loves you most. You are His darling.

JESUS: Am I, am I God’s darling? Then I must go to see Him. Please take me to His House.

MARY: We shall take you to the Temple of the Lord on Mount Moriah tomorrow.

JESUS: Thank you, Mummy. Tomorrow I shall go to see our Lord’s House. Tomorrow I shall see the Lord. Thank you, Mummy, thank you.

Sri Chinmoy, The Son, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973