Scene 3

(Elizabeth’s home. Enter Mary.)

ELIZABETH: Mary, Mary, I have heard. But I must not call you Mary anymore. From now on I must call you Mother, Mother of my Lord Supreme. Blessed and unparalleled are you among women. Blessed and unparalleled is your son among men.

MARY: May the divine Mother, Mother of the universe, bless me, my little heart. May Her Universal Consciousness guide me, my humble life. May Her Transcendental Light illumine me, my small world.

ELIZABETH: I assure you, She will. The Mother of the universe will fulfil all your desires, and more.

MARY: Thank you. Thank you. Ah, I forgot to ask you the most important thing. The angel has told me that you too are being blessed with a divine child. Is it true?

ELIZABETH: Yes, it is true. But mine is no match for yours. That does not mean jealousy will take shelter in my heart. No, never shall I allow jealousy to darken my heart’s door. My son shall be the harbinger of your son’s supreme arrival. My son shall tell the world who your son is. My son shall lead the world safely to your son, the Abode Supreme. He is your son, but he will be my Lord. He will be my Supreme. He will be my All.

(Elizabeth sings.)

God is a Man,
I love His Face.
His blue-gold Love,
My Heaven-bound race.

MARY: O God, do grant me three boons. I wish to see my son always the way Elizabeth sees him. I wish to feel my son always the way Elizabeth feels him. I wish to treasure my son always the way Elizabeth treasures him.

Sri Chinmoy, The Son, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973