The Christmas cards

One day when a man came home, his wife said to him, "Today I am going to make a most delicious meal."

The husband said, "Every day you make a most delicious meal. I am so proud of you and grateful to you."

The wife said, "No, today it will be absolutely the most delicious meal. But can you not do me a favour? I have many postcards and Christmas cards. I have got stamps also. Please write a few Christmas greeting cards to our friends and relatives, since I am busy cooking. You can sign my name too, although it is coming from you."

The husband said, "Certainly, I will do it. I am going upstairs."

She said, "Yes, you take a shower, write the letters and then come down when the meal is ready."

The husband went upstairs and took a shower. He wanted to take a short rest and then get up and write the letters. But he fell asleep very nicely, and the next thing he knew his wife was screaming, "Come and eat, come and eat!"

The husband came downstairs and confessed, "I am so sorry. I fell asleep, so I did not write the letters."

The wife said, "I fully understand. You are exhausted. Never mind. Tomorrow you can do it."

The husband said, "No, I will be able to finish all the letters in ten minutes."

The wife said, "How can you? You have at least fifteen cards."

The husband said, "Even in five minutes I can do it."

The wife said, "Don't cut jokes with me about this."

He said, "As a matter of fact, I actually finished all the letters before I fell asleep."

"Is that so?" asked the wife. "I am so grateful to you."

"Yes," said the husband, "I will go upstairs to get them."

"You have signed them?" the wife asked.

"Yes," the husband said.

The wife was very grateful and told him, "I assure you, today's meal is most delicious."

The husband went upstairs and brought back at least twelve letters and greeting cards, all stamped properly.

The wife said, "But these cards are totally different from the cards that I gave you. The stamps are also different. These are ten cent stamps, but the rate is now fifteen cents. Where did you get these cards and stamps?"

The husband said, "You don't know? You have been living with a magician. In only two hours, I have totally transformed all the cards and stamps." The husband paused. Then he said, "What happened is this. Last year you asked me to do the same thing, but I never mailed last year's cards. Just a little while ago I remembered that last year I wrote the cards, put stamps on them, but never mailed them. These cards are from last year."

The wife scolded him mercilessly. Then she said, "Now go into the kitchen and eat." But she herself went upstairs fuming.