The supermarket fortune

A husband and wife went to the supermarket together and bought quite a few things. The husband was very fat and the wife was very thin. There happened to be a big scale there which also told fortunes. The husband said, "Everybody says I am very fat. Am I fat?"

The wife said, "No, people only cut jokes with you."

The husband said, "Let me stand on the scale and see what kind of fortune I get.

He stood on the scale and it said 230 pounds. Then he got his fortune. Since he had not brought his glasses, he said to his wife, "Can you read it out for me?"

The wife read, "It is good to remain fat. If you are fat, then you will not have beauty. If you do not have beauty, nobody will bother you and you will be compelled to remain faithful to your wife. Nobody will care for you and your wife will be stuck with you."

The husband was shocked. He asked, "Is it like that? Is it better for me to be fat so nobody will pay attention to me?"

The wife said, "Yes, it is good. In that way you can remain faithful to me."

But the husband said, "No, I want beauty also. I do not have to worry about my faithfulness. It will automatically come to me, because my father was faithful to his wife and my grandfather was faithful to his wife. Everybody in my family always has been faithful. But I want to lose weight."

Inwardly the wife said, "O God, what kind of message have I read out?" She said to her husband, "Can I read it out again?"

The husband said, "But it will be the same message."

She said, "If you stand on the scale again, I think you will have a better message."

This time, because the wife was reading the scale, the husband's weight had decreased five pounds. Then the wife said, "This time the message is very simple: 'You will never find such an obedient, faithful wife in this incarnation. She is always proud of you.'"

The husband said, "All right, since you are very proud of me and I am proud of you, let us go home."