Question: Would the soul try to get a more illumined mind?

Sri Chinmoy: Where is the fun, if all the experts are on one side? Where is the game? The mind is also evolving. When something is in the process of evolution, naturally it takes time to reach its goal. For you, even one day is something. In God’s Vision, two hundred years is less than a second; it is nothing. Here on earth, if the mind is very illumined, I tell you, earth’s consciousness will not be able to receive the mind’s light.

It is like a pure heart. A pure heart suffers just because it is a pure heart. Why do spiritual people suffer? Because of their heart’s magnanimity. Stone-hearted people don’t suffer. There are many people who have a pure heart, but they don’t have a strong heart. But if you want to stay on earth, you need a pure heart along with a strong heart.