Question: What is the relationship of the individual soul to the soul of the country that it is born into?

Sri Chinmoy: There are many countries. Why does a particular soul enter into a particular country? There are two basic reasons: either the soul has been commanded by the Supreme or the soul has a specific preference for that country. Why will a soul care for a particular country? It is because the soul has its own inner propensities. It feels that it has some inner intuitive capacity or other quality which can be easily brought into manifestation if it takes incarnation in a particular country. If a particular soul has dynamism, it will try to take incarnation in America, not India. Again, if it cries for inner harmony and peace, then it will try to take incarnation in India. If the soul wants vastness and a combination of mind and heart in mental and psychic awakening, then it will incarnate in Australia. The individual soul may want a particular country, but you have to know that the soul of a country also wants a particular type of soul, so that its own reality can be manifested. Each soul has something special to offer to its country. So, the soul of each country meditates upon the highest Reality to get souls which will be of help to it.

If the soul likes a specific country, the Supreme can accept or reject the soul's choice. But ninety-nine times out of a hundred the Supreme approves the soul's choice. However, if the Supreme makes the choice, then usually the individual soul cannot alter the Supreme's Will. Again, just as we sometimes do not listen to our boss, the soul also may do this. But usually the individual soul listens to the Supreme because souls have more light than earthbound beings.

Each individual soul has a special role to play in the country that is accepting it. But once it plays its role, its goes to another country. Of course, the soul can have two or three incarnations in a particular country and then go to another place. Again, some souls may want to take more incarnations in a particular place.

What is the role that the individual soul plays? It is the role of a flower on a tree. When there are many flowers on a tree, then the tree looks beautiful. Each soul is like a flower and each country is like a tree.