Question: What happens to the soul of an object created by a human being if the object is destroyed?

Sri Chinmoy: A house is destroyed; then the inhabitants try to find another house. In the case of the soul also, if the cage is destroyed, it doesn’t mean that the soul will not get any other place to live. Once the soul enters into the process of evolution, it will continue functioning until it has fully manifested the divine light, according to its capacity. It may go to the soul’s region and take some rest, if that is the Will of the Supreme, or it may stay for a few days or a few months here on earth and then again enter into a form. But the soul will always function.

Human souls — especially aspiring souls — are more evolved in the sense that they embody more light. Right now I am sitting on a chair. I am a spiritual man and my soul will have more light than the chair I am sitting on. Again, this chair will make progress just because I have brought down light and the chair is receiving the light. This same opportunity another bench or chair will not get.

In the spiritual life, when we go to a spiritual Master and see him talk or meditate, we make faster progress, whether we believe it or not. Forty to fifty seekers are here. These seekers, according to their capacity, are receiving something from me. So, each individual soul has been fed to some extent. When the soul is fed, the soul makes fast progress.