Scene 1

(King Shibi’s palace. King, Prince and Princess are enjoying a family talk.)

PRINCESS: Father, I love you. Father, I am afraid of you.

KING: Why do you love me?

PRINCESS: I love you because your heart is all love.

KING: Why are you afraid of me?

PRINCESS: I am afraid of you because you are so great, unimaginably great. Father, please give me some sound advice. I know you don’t want me to be afraid of you all the time.

KING: My child, let me tell you the real reason that you love me and the reason that you are afraid of me. Your heart and soul know how to enter into my heart and soul and become one with them. Therefore, you love me deeply. You are afraid of me because your vital and mind are weak. Your vital does not want to expand along with mine. Your mind does not have the same amount of faith in God as my mind has. For these two reasons you are afraid of me, and not because I am so great. Expand your dynamic vital. Your problem will be solved. Fill your mind with the life-saving and life-fulfilling faith. Your problem will be solved.

PRINCESS: Father, I shall do it. Father, I shall do it. I shall prove to be worthy of having you as my father and I shall prove to be a worthy Princess.

KING: Moreover, my child, if I am great, then you are also great. You are my daughter. What I have as a father and as a King is all yours. My greatness will never frighten you. My greatness will only inspire you to enter into my greatness and claim it as your very own. Now that I have told you the real reason that you are afraid of me, I am sure all your problems will be solved. My child, don’t be afraid of me. Take what I have. Be what I am.

PRINCESS: Father, I shall. Father, I shall be.

PRINCE: Now it is my turn. Father, I do not love you, but I admire you. I am not afraid of you, but I am jealous of you.

KING: I appreciate your sincerity, my son. Now, tell me, why do you admire me and what makes you jealous of me?

PRINCE: I admire you because you are powerful, the most powerful in the world. Everybody is at your command. Everybody is at your mercy. I am jealous of you because everybody adores you and touches your feet. Alas, they do not adore me. They do not touch my feet. They just smile at me.

KING: When I grow old, I shall retire. You will replace me. At that time, the world will adore you and touch your feet.

PRINCESS: I don’t think so. Father, everybody adores you and touches your feet not because you are most powerful, not because you are the greatest King, but because you are all love, all concern and all compassion. My brother does not have these divine qualities in the least, so why should the world adore him and touch his feet?

PRINCE: Father, look! Look! She is really jealous of me. Father, I have all the good qualities that you have and a few more. I run. You can’t run. I sing. You can’t sing. I climb. You can’t climb. I swim and you can’t swim.

PRINCESS (sarcastically): You fool, you have mentioned all your great qualities. I assure you that these qualities will not draw even one person towards you. It is simply impossible for the world to adore you and touch your feet for such common qualities. Don’t fool yourself. Try to become great inwardly, like our father, with all the divine qualities of the heart. Then only will you really be happy, adored and worshipped by all.

PRINCE: Stop! Stop! Don’t preach! I can take care of my life. I shall take care of Father’s kingdom. Needless to say, I shall take care of your life, too, when I become King.

PRINCESS: For God’s sake, you don’t have to take care of my life. I have two fathers to take care of my life. As long as this father is on earth, he will take care of my life. When he (pointing at the King) ends his earthly pilgrimage, my eternal Father will take care of my life. So you will be given no chance to take care of my heart’s aspiration, my life’s dedication and my soul’s surrender.

KING (blessing the Prince): Son, my outer wealth shall satisfy you. (Blessing the Princess.) Daughter, my awakened daughter, my inner wealth shall illumine and fulfil you.

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973