Scene 3

(Harish Chandra, Shaivya and Rohitashwa have travelled a few miles. All of a sudden they hear a frightening voice. They turn around only to see Vishwamitra approaching them in the greatest hurry imaginable.)

VISHWAMITRA: Stop, Harish Chandra! I had not the slightest idea that you were a rogue of the deepest dye. No doubt you have made a generous gift. But what about the dakshina, the sacerdotal fee? I believe you are an Aryan. I believe you are an Indian. Have I to remind you of the simplest religious practice that any gift offered to someone must needs be followed by dakshina? Tell me why and how you have managed to forget such a simple thing. Shall I call you the worst possible fool, or the worst possible rogue? I think the latter you rightly deserve.

HARISH CHANDRA: O sage, at your feet I placed everything that I had. Nothing have I now. Please give me a fleeting month. At the end of the month I shall offer you my humble dakshina.

VISHWAMITRA: Harish Chandra, remember your promise. When this month comes to an end I shall approach you and demand my absolutely legitimate due.

HARISH CHANDRA: O sage, by your grace, by God’s Grace, I shall be worthy of my heart’s soulful promise. At the end of the month please bless me with your august presence and collect your due.


Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973