Scene 10

(The home of Ayodadhommya. Upamanyu enters running.)

AYODADHOMMYA: So they came, the Ashwinikumar came and gave you your vision back.

UPAMANYU: Yes, Master.

AYODADHOMMYA: Upamanyu, I have tested your patience, your self-control. Today you passed your examination. You have shown the world what patience is. You have shown the world what self-control is. You have shown the world how one should please one’s Master. One should please one’s Master the way the Master wants to be pleased. Finally, you have pleased me the way I wanted to be pleased. I wanted you to have nothing to eat without my permission. You came to that point. You didn’t even take medicine from the doctors whom I had suggested. You didn’t take so much as a pill from them! There you showed your unconditional obedience to me. I am most proud of you. Today marks the end of your studies. Go home. With my blessing, you will lead a prosperous life, a spiritual life. An inner life of illumination and an outer life of perfection I offer to you. Today I give you oneness with me and all my wisdom, which is Perfection.

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973