Scene 2

(The cottage of Shiva’s devotee. Shiva enters in occult form and places a pile of coins outside the door, then leaves.)

OLD MAN (to himself): Now I am old. A day will soon come when I will lose my eyesight. Since I have to go from door to door, let me start practising walking along the street with my eyes closed. From now on, let me beg with my eyes closed, and then when I really lose my eyesight, I will have no problem. (The old man closes his eyes and goes to the door. He is pretending.) Oh, I have lost my eyes, I can’t see! (Praying.) O Shiva, you are so kind, you are so full of compassion. My vision is gone, but the strength of my legs still remains. Even now you have given me the capacity to walk, and my hands still work. I am so grateful to you. I am waiting for the hour when you will call me.

(Old man sings.)

Tumi shudbu bandhu amar
tumiy amar pran
baul haye desh bideshe
gahi jena bhalobese
jiban bhare tomar jaya gan
tumi shudbu bandhu amar
tumiy amar pran

(You are my only Friend.
You are my life.
Like a divine mendicant,
from one country to another,
May I sing a song of You
With all my love.
May I sing the Song of Your
Victory all my life.)

(The old man goes out with his eyes still closed and almost steps on the money.)

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973