Question: How can one teach meditation to young school children while still obeying the laws which say you can't teach religion?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to tell the school authorities that meditation is not religion; far from it. Religion deals with the physical plane, the vital plane and the mental plane, whereas meditation does not deal with these planes. Meditation deals only with the oneness plane.

As long as we remain in the physical, vital and mental planes, we shall have differences. We shall have confusing, binding and blinding ideas. But if we remain in the world of meditation, which is oneness-reality with God's entire creation, then we far transcend the barriers of religion.

So the young students must know that meditation does not claim that any religion is superior to others. It does not feed the superiority or inferiority of any religion. Meditation feeds only the individuals who cry for God-manifestation and all-loving self-expansion.