Question: What is the point of learning seemingly impractical things like calculus or a lot of math?

Sri Chinmoy: By entering into the world of arithmetic, mathematics and calculus, we try to bind the Infinite by finite methods. The earth-bound mind thinks that this is the only way to capture the Heaven-free realities. But the God-loving heart feels that Infinity cannot be bound; it cannot even be totally envisioned, for it is always in the process of self-transcendence. Therefore, what the heart wants is to grow into Infinity's oneness-reality in order to achieve constant Light and Delight in infinite measure. The seeker-heart wants to get joy not by binding, but by becoming one with Infinity. The non-seeker, from the strict spiritual point of view — the person who is matter-bound and not spirit-free — wants to get joy by binding Infinity in the finite. But this is impossibility itself.