Before I accept someone as a disciple, if I am not able to speak with him and see him directly, I ask him to send me a photograph of himself and a short resume of his life. When I look at the picture, it is not because I get certain vibrations from the picture, as with ESP. No, in my case I do not care for vibration. There is something deeper than vibration and that is a conscious awareness of the soul. That is to say, I can enter into the soul and see if your soul is meant for me, for my path. I can also get a vibration from a picture, but a person’s vibration changes from day to day. Today you may like me very much and I will get one vibration from you, but tomorrow you might not like me at all and the vibration I get from you will be totally different. A person’s vibration does not remain the same; constantly the vibration is changing. Today someone may have a good vibration and tomorrow he will give a bad vibration, but the soul of the person remains the same. The soul’s potentiality, the soul’s aspiration and the soul’s awareness will not change like the vibration. If the soul has real aspiration and, at the same time, if the soul wants my particular help, then I immediately help the soul.

If men have long hair and beards then, forgive me, this is not the place for them. Moustaches I allow in rare cases, but not long hair and beards. These create a wrong vibration. Anything can create a wrong vibration, even a word or a look. If you look at a flower with an evil thought, you immediately create a wrong vibration; but if you look at the same flower with pure thoughts, immediately you feel something divine in your life, in your very eyes and face. When somebody looks at a woman with impure thoughts, immediately the woman feels, “Oh, he is just devouring me.” But when a saint looks at a woman, then the woman comes and touches his feet. Why is this? It is because we have both animal propensities and divine propensities within us. At each moment we are being guided either by a divine force or by an undivine force. If you are a spiritual person in a good consciousness and aspiring, then naturally the divine forces will come to you. But if you are behaving in an unspiritual way, then undivine forces will come. Who can remain without thought? We are victims to thought at every moment. Either we have good thoughts or bad thoughts and each thought creates a world of its own. Then you have to live in that world, I have to live in that world, humanity has to live in that world.