[After their private meditation, Narada introduced Sri Chinmoy to the assembled guests:]

Narada: One thing that Guru has always said to us is this: "When the power of love replaces the love of power, man will have a new name: God." Welcome the man who wrote this great aphorism, Guru Sri Chinmoy. Guru is requesting questions that you may want to ask from your heart and soul.

[Sri Chinmoy then offered the following closing message to Narada and his guests.]

Sri Chinmoy: Narada, my Narada, Narada of our Lord Beloved Supreme. Our Narada is at once his heart's universal sweetness and his soul's transcendental fulness. At every moment his life-boat is plying between these two shores — the shore of his heart's universal sweetness and the shore of his soul's transcendental fulness.

Each guest then offered Sri Chinmoy flowers and received from him a special fruit prasad. Later, Sri Chinmoy, Narada and his guests posed for photographs at a large, golden statue of the Lord Buddha seated in meditation which Narada has placed on the sloping grounds outside his home. Sri Chinmoy also prayed before a most soulful statue of Mother Mary set into a special outdoor shrine.