Question: Good morning, Sri Chinmoy. On behalf of myself and our big brother, Narada, I would like to thank you for blessing us with your presence. My question to you is this: What do we need to do as human beings to bring into our families and into our own lives the moral fibre that has been destroyed in the world?

Sri Chinmoy: As Narada mentioned, there is the power of love and there is also the love of power. What we are exercising in our day-to-day life is the love of power. We are all power-hungry. We love our dear ones, true; but unfortunately, we are trying to conquer them — not with the power of love, but with a different method. If we want to establish happiness in our own life and in their lives, then we cannot do it by conquering others. Instead, we have to bring our Inner Pilot into everything that we do.

How can we do this? We can do it by crying like a child. Without the presence of his mother, a child is helpless in every way. In our case also, we have to feel not hopeless, but completely helpless without the presence of our Inner Pilot, the inner Guide who guides us and guides everyone. With our heart's aspiration and dedication, we have to invoke this Inner Pilot and bring Him to the fore. We can bring Him to the fore only by loving Him in His own Way. When He comes to the fore, He will be able to tell us at every moment what we are supposed to do in our multifarious day-to-day activities and also what the rest of the world is supposed to do.

We have to feel His Presence not only when we pray and meditate, but in our every action: when we sing, when we run, when we work. And something more: we also have to feel that we are doing everything with Him, in Him and for Him. When we are watching, for example, we have to feel that we are walking with Him and also inside Him, inside His Heart-Garden. We have to feel that we are walking only to please Him; we are walking along the Road of Eternity and carrying the message of Infinity.

If at every moment we can feel that our highest Divinity is with us, in us and for us, and that we are with Him, in Him and for Him, then we are bound to create happiness and harmony in our own lives, in the lives of our family members and, eventually, in our world-family. But we have to start with ourselves. First we have to dive deep within or fly high, higher, highest to discover our own highest Reality. Unless and until we have discovered our own highest Divinity and Reality, unless and until we have brought to the fore our own Inner Pilot, we will not be in a position to bring peace, harmony and bliss to our immediate family or to our world-family. So let us pray and meditate to bring His divine Presence to the fore and let us be ready at every moment to listen to His Commands. If we can feel that our only task is to please Him in His own Way, then there is nothing that we cannot accomplish either for ourselves or for others.