Question: Good morning, Guru. It is a pleasure to meet you. I have always had a curiosity about outer space and other beings outside this world. I want to know if there are extra-terrestrial beings and, if so, what role they play on earth.

Sri Chinmoy: I wish to tell you from my own inner realisation that these beings do exist. Just as some human beings are good and others are not good, so also some of these beings are good and others are bad. The really good ones — we call them psychic beings — come from the higher worlds to help us; they inspire us to go forward, fly upward and dive inward. As a matter of fact, they aspire in and through us. They dream in and through us and create new dreams for us.

Again, there are some beings that we call dissatisfied vital beings. Unfortunately, they like to create destruction rather than satisfaction in our lives; they take our joy away. Early in the morning, let us say, we are thinking of praying to God and loving all human beings. Then those undivine beings come and take away all our joy by bringing into our mind the idea of how corrupt the world is. We want to do something great and good for our friends, but these beings make us feel that our friends are useless and undeserving.

People say these beings come from outer space, but they actually come from a different realm of consciousness. If we look up at the stars, according to our very limited capacity, we feel we are gazing at Infinity. But if we dive deep within, we come to realise that Infinity is not outside us but inside us. When we use our outer eyes, we feel that Infinity is somewhere else and that we are just beggars. But when we use our third eye, the eye of vision, we come to realise that the so-called outer Infinity that we are looking at is nothing in comparison to the Infinity that we house so beautifully and perfectly within us. And this inner Infinity at every moment is expanding and transcending its own reality.

If we pray and meditate, if we try to lead a good life, if we try to be good citizens of the world and choice instruments of God, then only good beings will come to us. But if we are always in doubt, if one day we want to be God-lovers and the next day we want only to exercise our supremacy, then we open ourselves to the undivine beings. Sometimes we are not steadfast in our love for God. One day we will pray to God to give us peace so that we can offer it equally to all human beings. Another day we will separate ourselves from others and say, "God, I want peace only if I can walk one step ahead of my fellow citizens." We tell God, "Since I am physically stronger than that person, I should be ahead of him, even if he is stronger spiritually."

If we are willing to share our physical strength with others just as they are willing to share their spiritual strength with us, then we will go side by side and we will feel only oneness. If we start our journey with oneness, then good beings will come from above to help us, guide us, shape us and take us to our divine destination, which is the Golden Shore of the Beyond. But if even unconsciously we exercise our supremacy, then the undivine beings come and turn us into an object of pity. They lead us in the wrong direction and we enjoy the dance of division rather than the song of oneness.