Satyam eva jayate
“Truth alone triumphs.”

A simple man likes truth. A sincere man appreciates truth. A God-believer treasures truth. A God-lover grows into truth. A God-knower establishes his inseparable oneness with truth.

The desire-life wants to bind truth. The aspiration-life wants to discover truth. The realisation-life wants to reveal truth. The perfection-life wants to manifest truth. The satisfaction-life wants to fulfil truth.

The soulful sincerity-cry is earth’s supreme truth. The fruitful luminosity-smile is Heaven’s supreme truth.

When I ungrudgingly accept truth, God purifies my mind. When I unreservedly accept truth, God illumines my heart. When I unconditionally accept truth, God liberates my life. Do not resist truth, for truth is always eager and anxious to assist you. Do not fracture truth, for truth is always more than ready to grant you its rich rapture. Do not negate truth, for truth is sleeplessly and compassionately trying to perfect you — your inner life and your outer life.

Truth and God are one, but there is a subtle difference. Truth can be replaced, whereas God can never be replaced. Here I am reminded of a most significant incident that took place in the life of Thomas Jefferson, when he was appointed the Minister to France to replace Benjamin Franklin. Thomas Jefferson said: “Benjamin can never be replaced. I cannot replace him. I can only succeed him.” Similarly, truth cannot replace God. Truth can, at most, succeed God.

It is always advisable to speak the truth and to become the truth. But there are very rare occasions when truth cannot be applied on the practical plane of earth-consciousness. Let us say that on the spur of the moment I am assailed by wild anger and I tell someone that I am going to kill him. The next moment wisdom-sun dawns and I do not want to keep my promise, for then I will commit an unprecedented crime. In this case, if I fail to keep my promise, my soul and the other person’s soul will forgive me. But if I tell someone that I shall grant him realisation, or at least a soulful aspiration-cry, and if I fail to keep my promise, then my soul and the other person’s soul will not forgive me.

Truth is universal and truth is transcendental. My aspiration-life loves the transcendental Truth. My aspiration-cry climbs up high, higher, highest, and while it is climbing up, it increases its love for the transcendental Truth. When the universal Truth sees that my heart’s aspiration-cry is reaching the highest Reality, it grants its measureless love to me and sows in me the seeds of realisation.

My dedication-life loves the universal Truth. It wants to serve the supreme Reality in each individual and in all creation. When the transcendental Truth sees that I want to dedicate my life to the universal all-pervading divinity in humanity, at that time the transcendental Truth becomes extremely pleased with me and descends to feed me, my life of dedication. So the universal Truth and the transcendental Truth go together in a seeker’s life.

To reach the highest Reality, I need a burning flame of aspiration. Sleeplessly this aspiration-flame will climb up high, higher, highest and reach the supreme Heights. Again, sleeplessly my being has to dedicate itself to the supreme Cause, and that Cause is to serve the divinity in humanity. While serving the divinity in humanity, I will try to bring to the fore the divinity in humanity.

Truth grants us what it has and what it is. What it has is perfection-dawn. Cheerfully, steadily, unreservedly and unconditionally it is ready to offer its perfection-dawn to the sincere seekers of the Absolute Truth. What Truth is, is satisfaction-sun. Again, it is always ready to grant its satisfaction-sun to the sincere seekers who are crying to become choice instruments of the Absolute Supreme.

Truth is the flower of our prayer-heart. Truth is the fragrance of our meditation-soul. When we pray soulfully, we see in the inmost recesses of our heart a lotus blossoming petal by petal. We place this lotus at the Feet of our Beloved Supreme, and then, while we are meditating, we smell its fragrance. This fragrance purifies the earth-bound mind and illumines the Heaven-free heart. Again, it liberates the pilgrim-soul in us that wants to walk along Eternity’s Road to manifest the supreme Reality. While manifesting, the pilgrim-soul in us is increasing its inner cry, and while crying, it is manifesting. At every moment the pilgrim-soul in us is crying and ascending, and while ascending, it is manifesting a new light, a new truth, a new perfection and a new satisfaction here on earth.

Satyam eva jayate
“Truth alone triumphs.”

SSC 20. Harvard University, 20 April 1981